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Self-publishing your book

Briar's Books looks after DIY authors who want to publish their own books rather than use a traditional publisher


Briars Books, book design and production agency, Lower Hutt

Editing Design & Production

Briar's Books has clients all over New Zealand

Briar's Books is a professional book production agency handling everything from simple booklets to complex academic books. Briar offers quality text and photo-editing, cover design and print layout services for DIY authors . You will see printed proofs of your book before it goes to print.

Briar has the experience and technical expertise to do a skilful job on your book, get it through the printing process and delivered to your door.

Briar's Books also produces e-books.

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Briar's Books has been providing professional services to DIY authors up and down New Zealand for more than 20 years and offers quality services at very reasonable prices. Briar will do everything in collaboration with you. Print runs from 50 to 1000s.

Digital books/e-books

E-book stands for electronic book. Usually people first produce their book as a printed version, then decide they want an e-book as well. It simply means that - as well as being available in a printed edition - your book also can be made available on the Internet to an international readership using laptops, tablets, smartphones, or special e-book readers - like the kindle.

Usually people put their e-book on an online bookstore, like Amazon. But if you're wanting a professional result don't do it yourself. This is not just sales talk. There is a big learning curve and to do an acceptable job you really need web-coding skills...

- the Pros & Cons

There was a time when traditional publishing was the only way to find readers for your book and people who tried to publish and distribute their own books were viewed as second-rate authors whose books really weren't worth reading.

But the publishing world and people's expectations have changed. Digital printing presses in your own city mean printers can now offer short affordable print runs. Internet bookstores will take your e-book and potentially bring international readership to your back door. Now anyone with something worth saying can produce a book and get it out to readers

- the Hows

So - you have gathered your material - your photos, your stories, your poems, your facts, your family genealogy - and you want to turn it into a book. You've decided a traditional publisher wouldn't be interested but you're not sure what to do next.

  • You need to get one thing very clear at the outset: are you wanting to be an independent (indie) author or not? That is, are you wanting to build a career for yourself as an author of your own books, or are you just wanting to get 50 - 1000 copies of a printed edition out there and give an e-book edition a try as well?


Professional book design and layout, boutique book production, Lower Hutt


From simple 10-15 page booklets to large and complex academic books, Briar's Books is able to help you get your book out of your drawer and into print.
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